Do we ship our puppies?

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Yes, we do ship! We have shipped to numerous states with no problems .Florida , Michigan , Texas and many more . We preferr if possible it to be pick upped
to meet in person but we know sometimes that not possible so try to meet if possible at times .
We use  Delta pets first and continental in mid summer they are the only one that have climate controlled animal shipping. The airlines track the temperatures carefully during the trip.
The puppies ae insured by the airlines during the trip also.
We will not ship a puppy until it is at least 10-12 weeks of age.
Shipping fees are usually around $300.00 . This is addition to the price of the puppy. This includes the airlines fees including taxes.
                            A new crate that you get to keep
                        The health certificate by a Veterinarian
                             Food and water bowls
                          Chew toys for your puppies trip
                                 A new puppy blanket
                               A new puppy outfit and bow
                            This includes gas mileage to airport
                       considering the airport is almost a 6
                        hour round trip for us.
Full payment is required before we shipping
When you get to the airport to pick-up your puppy . You will need a picture I.D. or Drivers License.
your puppy blanket will be attached to the top of crate for when you get him/her out to wrapped them up in.
please DO NOT take your puppy out at the cargo dept. for so may puppies are shipped daily. I know you dont want your puppy exposed to dangers. Your puppy will have had his shots kept up to date , but still recommend not taking them into public areas until he/she is 16 weeks of age.